There’s A Saying That ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ – I think It’s Deadly

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If you repeatedly say that your son is allergic to nuts, is that an ok thing for him to hear? Well, when you regularly hear the words “Mummy, my throat is funny!“ it would appear that that isn’t true.

Who is at fault? The server? The chef? The franchise? Or even the theme park operator?

Is “sorry” enough?

As it turned out, the chocolate milkshake my son drank was made with chocolate ice cream which included hazelnut paste.

I’m lucky that my son knows the symptoms, but some aren’t so lucky.

What will the regulations be when we leave the EU? Currently some places are not conforming to EU law, hopefully the Government will put in place a law to protect people with food allergies which include far stricter penalties for those who don’t comply.

Please, if you own a food business – make sure your staff are trained.

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