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Here at GoGoGuts, we want to help.

After suffering with coeliac disease for the last 7 years, I knew how hard it is to get gluten-free food that tastes nice and isn’t full of sugar and stabilisers.

Finding visits to the supermarket depressing, and whilst I liking to see what new biscuits are out there, it is rarely anything tasty and I’m surrounded by foods I cannot eat. For this reason, I decided to take the bull by the horns and have produced my own food range. To keep it as fresh as possible, it is immediately frozen once it’s made and delivered to the consumer directly.

I’ll be offering a twice weekly delivery service and produce meals in both adult and children’s sizes.

Whilst I have coeliac disease, my son has a nut allergy and that is why we are a nut-free facility and offer all our meals as nut-free.

For people that are new to coeliac disease, the reason I have tried to make most meals lactose-free is because in the early stages of living on your gluten-free diet you will probably be unable to tolerate lactose.

Why The Name?

The mother company, as we call it is called G Free Life Ltd, and it is quite literally about living your life Gluten Free, it is the only way to combat Coeliac disease. However, we wanted something people would remember, that wasn’t shy and was to the point, most Celica’s like the name – or so they tell us!! It’s all about getting your guts working again – but in a good way, undiagnosed Coeliac disease leads to malnutrition and malabsorption of all the nutrients and goodness you try and put into your body, it quite literally can come out as fast as it went in.

The concept behind the meals comes for what we personally miss, and what others have told us they miss too. To cook a whole meal we often go to 4 or 5 shops to get what is needed, to stock a kitchen cupboard, and this can be frustrating, very time consuming and expensive. Coeliacs know they maybe the only one in my family (that’s living) with Coeliac disease, we don’t the whole household, such as our children to live on a Gluten Free diet too, so it’s often at least 2 meals in our house.

Now with these prepared meals we can have the unique convenience of opening the freezer and putting a delicious meal in to eat.

The owners little boy has been the inspiration for No No Nuts – he has a nut allergy, both Peanut and Treenut , those who live with an allergy will understand the fear surround this in their everyday lives

Everyone laughs at me when I say @ GoGoGuts we are No No Nuts! but it’s all 100% true.

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