How Long Does It Take For Your Gut To Heal?

 In Natalie's Blog

This is a bit of an opened-ended answer, depending on how bad your gut was in the first place.

I think it took a year for mine to settle down. Despite the fact that it felt better once I omitted Gluten, my body was tired. I had no Iron, low Vitamin D and Low calcium.

I was afraid to eat in case I was ill, and still now I’d rather not eat than risk eating Gluten. But my Gut still needs TLC, it needs almost relining thought probiotics and diet.

I still suffer with malabsorption due to the damage, but I’m ok with that as there is help there and I can get it. I’m lucky I’m not tied to the toilet, it’s not the worst autoimmune disease to have. So I count myself lucky!

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