Our Foods

Our Foods

I have started with the meals I miss as a coeliac, and something I hope will make a lot of people’s happier and easier to live with. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who rather than being ill from eating something they are unsure about takes the other option of not eating. I’m sure there are some people who are prepared, but for those of us who aren’t I’ve designed a set of meals that can be cooked straight from frozen in your own home or wherever there’s an oven (you can microwave most meals, but they won’t be as crispy!).

A sample of each meal was sent to a laboratory to be tested for gluten, one for nut and one for its nutrient value. Once passed, the company had to undertake an external audit to make sure it was fully compliant before obtaining its Cross Grain Certificate from Coeliac UK.

As a coeliac, very little enters my life that has gluten in. Although I don’t keep my children on a gluten-free diet, only a nut-free diet. My kitchen is however totally gluten-free and nut-free, I use little dairy and lactose. Dishes containing fish and prawns are cooked separately to all other foods and are always followed by a deep clean.

The meals are cooked from scratch (except the beer and bread) – once cooked and assembled, they are heat sealed in recyclable containers with a micro pierced lid that remains on throughout cooking. Our containers are light in colour to help the partially sighted.

After this they are frozen to –25°C and then they are transferred into a Polystyrene box, with WOOL, collected by the courier (in the afternoon) and delivered the next day.

We hope you enjoy our Food!

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