Our Process

Everyone laughs at me when I say @ GoGoGuts we are NoNoNuts!

However it’s all 100% true…

How do we achieve this?

A purpose-built kitchen and a high level of hygiene, this is audited under the guidelines of the Coeliac Association.

Allergy Awareness is primary inside and outside the kitchen. As gluten could come from flour on a packet or nuts from an unclean carton, we check and clean everything.

We only buy the best produce, for example, our flour and the ingredients that we use to cook both come from a safe environment. To put this into context when developing new meals such as our new ‘Christmas Dinner’ we searched for Natural Yeast Flakes and decided to use one from America as it comes from a small company who do not sell nuts and produce there own products, whilst there were other natural yeast we could get, none of these gave any indication to where they we produced and the presence of Nuts was noted on others.

These are the lengths we go to ensure our meals use only the best ingredients.

The Science Behind Our Food?

All our dishes once they have passed the ‘taste and cooking test’ go to an external laboratory, which tests under the strictest conditions for Gluten, as well as; Almond DNA, Brazil DNA, Cashew DNA, Hazelnut DNA, Macadamia DNA, Peanut DNA, Pecan DNA, Walnut DNA.

Then they are finally tested is for Nutrients.

Once the food has the ‘all clear’, we then apply to the Coeliac Association in the UK for a Product Code, this is then listed in their Product Area.

The food that is produced in our kitchen, is all sealed and stored in our kitchen. From here it is then sent by courier, sealed and ready to heat.

As a small business, we have had to start with a creative selection of ready meals we feel Coeliac sufferers miss the most, however through carefully listening to our customers, (not all Coeliacs) we will be adding to our range of meals.

In addition as total Allergy Aware business we are now able to make some of the meals dairy free. However not all our food is diary free, the cakes for example are diary. We want to offer a total inclusive menu of great food so we can have something for all tastes and requirements.

Our mission at GoGoGuts is to make people’s lives easier, so they do not put themselves in harms way. When you really crave something, don’t reach for something with Gluten in it, in the long-term it will lead to more health problems.

Our desserts are all quick to defrost, thankfully as we all want some sweet and do not want to wait! To a Coeliac any digression such as a quick fix biscuit would see us attached to the toilet or in bed for the next day so having your own personal supply of treats is favourable.

This is one reason we have changed the way we sell our cakes – now you can get a sponge selection, 3 good sized sponges, the Children’s Iced Sponge, a Lamington and a Chocolate Log. Although we can’t quite go bespoke, we can offer a more flexible service to our Coeliac customers and those living with Gluten intolerances, and of course those with a Nut Allergy, whether its for a child, and adult, a gift for a friend.

At GoGoGuts our mission is to cater for all people Coeliac or not and always are researching, developing and adapting our food to cater for an inclusive society.

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